Studio 9 is a multi-function event space designed around a Meyer Sound Constellation Acoustic System that provides state of the art active acoustics, making any event set up sound warm, vibrant and clear – even without a supplemental PA. We also utilize Meyer Sound’s Spacemap spatial sound design and mixing tool technology, which has powered the world’s most complex sound productions, from Cirque du Soleil to Broadway.

With beautiful views, a powerful 4K LED wall, flexible seating and a catering kitchen, Studio 9 is a purpose-built space for listening, presenting, and sharing content with your guests. We’re also a room for content creation and experimentation with tunable acoustics, ProTools recording system, VIVE Pro VR system, and a beautiful Yamaha C7X Piano. Please inquire with our team about how we can assist you with your next project or event!

Technical Details

Recording Equipment

  • Avid S6 Mixing Console
  • Protools HDX with and Avid MTRK Interface
  • 32 channels of high quality Mic/Line Pre-amps
  • (16) API 512V’s in 500 series racks
    • 4x Neve 1073 LB
    • 2x Grace Design m501
    • 2x Burl Audio B1D
  • Microphone package
    • 2x Neumann U89
    • 2x Neumann TLM103
    • x1 Neumann KMS104BK
    • x2 Royer R-121 with RSM-SS1 mounts
    • x2 DPA 4099-DC-1-199V for Violin
    • x2 DPA 4099-DC-1-201-C for Cello
    • x1 DPA acoustic bass clip for 4099
    • x2 AKG C414 XLII
    • Ear Trumpet Labs Nadine (upright bass microphone)
    • x1 Earthworks PM40 (installed into piano)
    • x1 Audio Technica AE5400
    • x1 Shure Beta 91A
    • x1 Shure SM81
    • x6 Shure SM58
    • x6 Shure SM57
    • x3 Shure KSM141
    • x1 Shure beta52A
    • x4 Sennheiser E904
    • x2 Shure KSM137

Mixing Room Monitors

  • Meyer Sound Acheron Designer
  • Meyer Sound Amie
  • Meyer Sound X-400 Subwoofers

Cue System

  • Livemix Personal Monitor System
  • Audio Technica M series headphones fed via Dante from the Avid

Supplemental Public Address system

  • Yamaha CL7 mixing console
  • 2 – RCF EVOX12’s, 4 – RCF NX10’s and 2 – NX12 Active Stage
  • 2 – Genelec 8030CP 5″ studio monitors
  • An extensive Microphone package
  • Assorted mic stands and accessories
  • Floor boxes at stage and FOH
  • 32 channels of patch-able mic lines
  • MADI and Ethercon patch points
  • Isolated and conditioned power

Crestron Audio/Video and Lighting control

  • Touch panel control of
    • Meyer Sound presets
    • Presentation modes
    • Lighting control

VR System 1: VIVE Pro Eye Office - Arena Bundle

  • Vive Wireless Adapter
  • 20m Extension Solution for VIVE Pro
  • x4 HTC SteamVR Base Station 2.0

VR System 2: Oculus Quest 2